Congratulations, Palomino Valley residents!

We came out in strong numbers last month and voted in favor of recalling PVGID trustee Tom Baker. We had a 2 to 1 margin! What a glorious victory! Our voices have been heard, and we pray that sanity and respectful behavior will once again return to the board of trustees. Again, we need people who will serve our community, not their own self interests. We do not need another cabal, formed in secret, which pushes a hidden, self-serving agenda.   

A successful recall vote has occurred only once before in the PVGID's 50-year history. To an outsider looking in, that person would surely conclude that something must have been terribly amiss for this to happen again. Indeed, it was.

Further good news: The cabal's troublesome, meddlesome, and outrageously expensive attorney Frank Flaherty was fired at the May 2024 meeting. Good riddance! He had cost the GID (which means you, the taxpayer) exponentially more in fees than any prior attorney. Why? Primarily, because he finagled his way into PVGID matters and routine business that did not require an attorney. In doing so, he racked up billable hours and legal fees for work that he was not tasked with. One of a PVGID board's attorney's primary functions is to render legal opinions, when asked to do so. Flaherty acted far and above his authority and position and actually exacerbated the turmoil already created by the cabal.  We pray that a more humble and respectful attorney will be hired as his replacement. The search is underway.

FYI: For those of you who do not know, now-retired attorney Louis Test acted as the GID's attorney for 30 years. He was intelligent, soft-spoken, and well-liked. Finding a more qualified and thoughtful gentleman than he would be difficult to find, but we hold out hope that an attorney of his caliber can be hired.  Know anyone who fits the bill? Let the GID know.

What's Next?

Inexplicably, there exists in Pal Val a number of people who voted against the recall and who still support the dreadful and disastrous three-member cabal. Woefully misguided they are, but that is their right. The problem is that at nearly every meeting in which they attend, otherwise peaceful audience members are forced to endure their angry, threatening tirades, some of which border on lunacy. Constructive comments would be refreshing, but you'll not hear much of that. If you wish to torture yourself, you can listen to the audio from prior meetings. You will most likely conclude, as did we, that "those who know the least speak the loudest."

Insert Unruly Mob Picture Here

On several occasions, the atmosphere in the meeting room became so raucous and disorderly that Washoe County Sheriff's Deputies were called in to keep the peace. Sadly, it seems that people are ruder today, making one wonder where respect and manners have gone.

We have trustee elections coming up this year. When forming an opinion as to who to vote for, we urge you to avoid those "nattering nabobs of negativity" in the valley and to do your own research. Speak to the current PVGID president, John Patterson. Speak to the Operations Manager, Shawn Kelly. Speak to the "whistleblower" staff members who were fired. Lastly, speak to those who voted for the recall to learn why such necessary action was taken. Slow down. Take time. Learn. This is your community. Don't you want what is best for it? Please learn the facts before you vote in the next election.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

At least one of the aforementioned cabal supporters has expressed a serious interest in running for a seat on the PVGID board. This is most unwelcome news. We most certainly do NOT want to see any supporters of the troublesome cabal on a future board. That dark era is mercifully behind us.

In conclusion, Palomino Valley needs decent and thoughtful people of integrity to serve on the board. No more self-serving hotheads with pre-planned agendas. No more conspiratorial cabals. Please don't let that happen again. 

Respectfully submitted,
Concerned Residents of Palomino Valley

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